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Inicio | Actualités | Powered by Interface Technologies : an application to book hotels on Facebook that is actually “social”

Powered by Interface Technologies : an application to book hotels on Facebook that is actually “social”


In the world, over 175 million people log-in 60 times per month on the giant social network (source iCrossing, April 2011) : social-web is a reality !

More and more hotels create their own Facebook page in order to develop and customize a «fans» network that represents an important privileged communication channel. ReservIT Hotel’s Facebook application is designed to give full meaning to the «fans» commitment by giving them the chance to book directly from the hotel page.

Hotels equipped with the ReservIT Hotel booking engine all benefit from this free functionality: one single planning to feed the hotel web site, its Facebook page and many other distribution channels (IDS/GDS).

Facebook as a new booking channel

The online booking application via ReservIT Hotel is fully integrated, from the availability research page to the booking confirmation. Special attention was given to the application’s graphics in order to perfectly integrate to the hotels’ Facebook pages design. « It was very important for our Facebook pages not to be simple copies of the hotels’ website. It is a true communication mean, the most important in the social web environment » says Laurent Fabre, Interface Technologies’ President. « The Facebook version of our booking engine was designed keeping in mind that it is a genuine booking channel ».


Since measuring the income generated by this new media is important, Facebook reservations and confirmation emails are clearly marked as such in the ReservIT manager. « Facebook represents a great growth potential for hotels, but we are just beginning to explore its sales potential. In order for the activity to grow, hotels will have to consider this new channel as a sales channel in itself with its own customers who have their own specificities and needs. Therefore, it is important that hotels measure Facebook’s return, in order to evaluate how much resources are worth spending on it. »

Installation is fast and doesn’t require Interface Technologies’ technical support: Hoteliers can go directly to the application’s page with their ReservIT Hotel ID number.

A « social » application

More than an additional booking channel, it is a « social » application with an exclusive “sharing” functionality. After completing a booking with the hotel, the customer will be able to promote it thanks to a « suggest » button that will allow him to share the page with his Facebook friends, actively participating in the hotel’s reputation and visibility.


The hotel’s Facebook pages therefore again access to a much broader network of « fans » and potential buyers.

Interface Technologies is the only hotel web booking provider to offer a booking engine that is completely customized for the Facebook social media.

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